Our Focus

Renewable Energies

The future of our planet requires a migration towards this modality of energy generation, since they are the essential partner against climate change, they are inexhaustible and provide a growing and sustainable competitiveness over time. At I-NNOVA Energy, our services are aimed at supporting our customers in the development of projects of all types of renewable energies, thinking about the contribution to the world in which we live.

Conventional Energies

Conventional energy generation is a “must” in today's world, which human beings cannot do without. At I-NNOVA Energy we are aware of the need for migration towards generation towards renewable energies, but in this transition, it is important to collaborate in the optimization of conventional generation plants currently in operation, to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

Infrastructure and Projects

The generation of energy in all its forms, is based on the project management from the feasibility study to the start-up of the same, and the infrastructure is the basic platform for them to become a reality. Based on this, I-NNOVA Energy has the strategic partners with the necessary experience in the various fields of engineering and infrastructure development, so that the projects are viable in a timely manner.


Global energy needs make it necessary to be able to provide facilitation services for the parties to bring supply and demand closer together. But it is important to do so in a professional and reliable way, establishing short, medium, and long-term relationships, based on a vision of providing added value to all parties involved. Communication, flexibility, and ethics in negotiations are the fundamental pillars of I-NNOVA Energy.


We offer a wide range of services that allows us to provide Integral Solutions, as well as specific answers to each need

Oil & Gas Advisory

Consulting services that integrate subsurface, production and facilities specialties

Inventories and Supervision

We carry out project inventory and supervision of works and projects.

Special Studies & Assessment

We carry out various special studies and valuations in every project related to the energy and Natural Resources field.

Performance Supply

Real solutions for your supply chain based on more efficiency by products & services provissioning. 

Outsorcing Businesses & Utilities

We manage the outsorcing of energy and technical services, including public services.

Project Services

We cover the integral process of projects, from their management to their start-up.

About us

We are a team of executives with important experience in the field of energy and infrastructure sectors, having generated over time, a position of reliability that allows us to address, in conjunction with our strategic business partners, projects of various magnitudes, both from the point of view of engineering, construction, project management as well as the supervision and financing of the same.


We have managed to form a high-performance multidisciplinary team, expert in simplifying complexity and transforming needs into development opportunities that contribute to achieving a better quality of life for people and their environment.

Strategic Partnerships

We are your strategic business partner in the energy field.

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