Oil & Gas Advisory

– Greenfields and Brownfields Evaluation

– Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs

– Waterflooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects (EOR/IOR)

– Integrated Asset Development Plans (Subsurface and Surface)

– Technical and Economic Feasibility Project Evaluation

– Business Intelligence applied to the Oil & Gas Industry (Data Analytics / Data Science)

– Upstream / Midstream / Downstream Consultancy

– Professional Team Building (Project Oriented)

Commodities Trading

– Acquisition management according to requirements

– Sales Management according to specifications

– Sales and Purchase Mandates

– Management of SWAP Operations


Inventories and Supervision

– Transmission Lines

– Electrical Substations

– Thermal Plants

Hydroelectric Plants

– Generation plants

– Structures

– Tunnels

Outsourcing Companies & Utilities

– Collection and Recovery of Portfolio

  – Operational Management Control

  – Maintenance of Power Distribution Networks/High Voltage Lines

  – Assembly, Construction and Maintenance of Power Distribution


Special studies and assessment

– Due dilligence

– Inventories and Surveys

– Injury Studies

– Studies of Tariff Charges

– Energy Efficiency Projects

– Environmental studies

Project Services

 – Project Management

 – Contract Management

 – Procurement Services

 – Operation Training and Maintenance (O&M)

 – Commissioning and DeCommissioning


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